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Women Without Borders: Gender and Informal Cross-Border Trade (Event Resources)

Wed, March 8, 2017
In this joint event, presenters address gender-based obstacles for female informal cross-border traders, as well as means to overcome them.

Enhancing Capacity of Women Micro-entrepreneurs to Sell Clean Energy Products

Mon, November 7, 2016
This event will feature experts in clean energy, entrepreneurship, and gender to examine what’s working and where the challenges remain in building capacity of women micro-entrepreneurs and explore how to scale energy access globally.

Women in Non-Production Roles in Agriculture: A Literature Review of Promising Practices

Wed, October 5, 2016
This review of literature reveals that there are many opportunities to increase women’s economic empowerment beyond interventions focused on production.

Women's Economic Empowerment Briefs Suite

Tue, September 20, 2016
These three posts comprise a suite of briefs on women's economic empowerment sponsored by the LEO activity.

Cultivating Women’s Empowerment

Tue, September 13, 2016
This publication presents a collection of case studies and personal anecdotes that illustrate how Feed the Future programs are creating opportunities for women’s empowerment in agriculture.

Deadline Extended: Call for Cases from Feed the Future Programs - Learning for Gender Integration and Women’s Empowerment

Wed, April 6, 2016
USAID is issuing a call for cases from Feed the Future programs about Learning for Gender Integration and Women's Empowerment.

Digital Financial Solutions to Advance Women's Economic Participation

Mon, February 8, 2016
How governments, private sector and development organizations can bring more women into the global economy through digital financial services.

Adaptive Management: Responding to the Evolving Needs of PRIME's Complex Systems

Wed, September 23, 2015
Learn how Mercy Corps is integrating adaptive management principles in PRIME.

Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit

Wed, September 9, 2015
The 9th Annual Making Cents Summit is coming up soon! Learn more here.

LEO Year 2 Learning Day Summary

Tue, May 26, 2015
Check out what LEO's research strands have learned to date!

LEO Learning Day: Year 2

Fri, May 22, 2015
The 2015 LEO Learning Event brought together the leaders of LEO’s various research strands to take stock of what has been learned to date under LEO.

How Can Entrepreneurship Empower Poor Women?

Wed, April 8, 2015
Join this discussion on entrepreneurship skills-building as a tool to help empower women.

Call for InnovATE Good Practice Papers

Mon, April 6, 2015
Submit your good practice paper on agricultural training and education programs and policies in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean!