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ASPIRES South Africa Factsheet

Wed, November 18, 2015

Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA) Project: Exit Strategies of Title II Programs

Mon, March 4, 2013
These documents assess the exit strategies of Title II, USAID's development food aid program that constitutes the single largest source of funding focused on sustainable food security.

Partnering to Achieve Economic Impact in HIV and AIDS-Impacted Communities: A Partnership Toolkit for Microenterprise Development

Wed, January 2, 2013
This toolkit has been designed to help these parties work through the process of establishing and maintaining a successful partnership to better serve their clients with their combined services.

DAI Urban Gardens Final Program Reception

Mon, October 1, 2012
DAI invites you to join us for an evening of celebration and sharing of lessons learned from our USAID-funded Ethiopian Urban Gardens Program for HIV-Affected Women and Children.

Integrated Health and Microfinance in India: Harnessing the Strengths of Two Sectors to Improve Health and Alleviate Poverty

Fri, August 3, 2012
The report demonstrates how microfinance can be further leveraged to provide a powerful tool to address one of India’s persistent barriers to the economic advancement of the poor: ill health caused by lack of access to health services.

USAID Awards ACDI/VOCA a $24 Million Food Security Contract in Zambia

Tue, July 17, 2012
The ACDI/VOCA Support for Food Security Activities team recently launched a $24 million USAID project in Zambia to targets smallholders, increase farming productivity, and facilitate inclusive access to markets, providing a pathway out of poverty.

Household Economic Strengthening Webinar

Tue, January 3, 2012
This webinar on Household Economic Strengthening (HES) will explore common elements of successful, evidence-based activities intended to strengthen the economic security of households caring for OVC.

LIFT Project Assessment of USAID/PEPFARs Economic Strengthening Programs in Ethiopia

Wed, April 20, 2011
This assessment report, by the LIFT Project, contains recommendations for USAID/PEPFAR Ethiopia to support economic strengthening activities.

Risk Mitigation Strategies for MFIs in High-Prevalence AIDS Markets

Tue, February 22, 2011
Because MFIs frequently work in poverty-stricken areas with high HIV/AIDS prevalence rates, they face serious operational challenges.

Responding to HIV/AIDS Within MFIs in Mozambique: Lessons Learned From an Action Research Project

Tue, February 22, 2011
Over eight months, the MFIs received training on how to mitigate the impacts of HIV/AIDS on their institutions.

Products to Serve an HIV/AIDS-Affected Market: Savings

Tue, February 22, 2011
Savings services can increase asset bases to prepare for economics shocks brought about by HIV/AIDS.

Microinsurance for Markets Affected by HIV/AIDS

Tue, February 22, 2011
Poor households are especially vulnerable to the HIV/AIDS pandemic but have fewer resources.