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Value Chain Development Wiki

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Welcome to the Value Chain Development Wiki

These wiki pages codify good practice in value chain development and emerging learning in inclusive market systems development, drawing from research conducted under the leadership of the USAID/E3 team, by ACDI/VOCA’s AMAP BDS and LEO consortia and many other contributing organizations, academics and institutions.

Using the Wiki

    1. Consider what you already know about the value chain approach.
    2. Determine what you would like to know about the value chain approach either right now, or in the future.
    3. Select your path.
      1. Locate the row that matches what you already know.  
      2. Find the column that matches what you would like to know.
      3. Note where the row and column intersect; this is your path. For example, if you already have a basic understanding of value chain concepts but want to know everything, you will begin with the blue topics and proceed to red (this assumes that you already have an understanding of the information covered in the green path).
    4. Navigate to the appropriate path by clicking the path name hyperlinks in the matrix below or by clicking the path name in the table of contents on the right.
  2. The main content areas are organized into five color-coded paths corresponding to knowledge levels of the user. For example, those new to the value chain approach can begin with Path 1 for an overview and introductory information. While users with a deeper familiarity of the approach may choose to begin with a more in-depth path such as 3. How-to Information for Those Designing or Implementing a VC Project


    You can navigate either from the toolbar above or the table of contents to the right. There are also embedded links and suggested resources on most pages.


    Each major path (content area) in the wiki is associated with a color; for example: 1. Key Information for Those New to the Value Chain Approach (and all associated topics) are green

    Tips for Locating Information