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Speakers Corner #48: Financial Inclusion for All - Building the Past, Shaping the Future

Watch this brief introduction by Heath Cosgrove, Director of USAID/E3/MPEP,
to hear more about what will be discussed and tips for how to participate

The success of USAID’s investments in microfinance since the late 1960s was fundamental in building today's trillion-dollar microfinance industry and inclusive finance global movement. Over the past several weeks, USAID revisited its role in the microfinance evolution through the "Studying the Past, Looking to the Future" blog series. To wrap up this retrospective, USAID will host a Speakers Corner on June 16-17, 2014. Through this two-day public forum, we aim to engage the broader community of microfinance promoters and service providers, and to capture more of the rich history of how donors, NGOs, and private-sector actors came together to change the game of finance. As we look to the future, these lessons will inform the development community's continued efforts to transform the possibilities of finance for the poor.


Day 1 June 16, 2014 Learning Across the Decades
Day 2 June 17, 2014 Emerging Pathways to Financial Inclusion

Join this online discussion on June 16-17 as USAID, industry experts, and microfinance practitioners explore the learning across decades of work in microfinance and examine the emerging pathways to financial inclusion. We look forward to hearing your experiences, learning, and ideas for moving forward. Please note that the discussion will be open 24 hours over the two day period (EDT) so no matter where you are located in the world, participate whenever you can!

The focus of Day 1 will be learning through the decades. We invite our participants to share experiences about their organizations most impactful program or success story, significant lessons or challenges with working in microfinance, and burning issues that the microfinance community has not yet tackled.

On Day 2, the final day of our global online discussion, we will consider emerging pathways to financial inclusion. Discussion topics will concentrate on the use of technology and new field evidence, consumer protection issues, and the use of private capital in microfinance.

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