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LEO Year 2 Learning Day Summary

United States Agency for International Development
April 1, 2015

The Leveraging Economic Opportunities (LEO) project learning agenda incorporates interrelated and mutually informative research topics that respond to the objective of supporting missions and implementers in improving the performance of market systems to generate growth, and to structure that growth in such a way that it is inclusive and resilient.

Within the overarching goal of increased market systems performance, LEO’s learning topics can be viewed through two lenses:

  • Inclusivity—the capacity of market systems to profitably engage and benefit women, the very poor, the food insecure and other vulnerable or marginalized groups; and
  • Resilience—the ability of market systems to adapt to the changing environment in ways that sustain and even increase benefits to a wide range of system actors.

The 2015 LEO Learning Event brought together the leaders of LEO’s various research strands to take stock of what has been learned to date under LEO; cross-pollinate various streams of research that have areas of overlap and/or synergy; and discuss priorities for LEO research in the subsequent 9-12 months.

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