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Mobile Money Tipsheet: Potential Issues and Mitigation Approaches

Jaheed Parvez, Josh Woodard
FHI 360
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
October 14, 2014

USAID promotes increased access to and usage of mobile financial services in order to deepen financial inclusion, accelerate broad-based economic growth, and instill transparency into funding flows. These tipsheets are intended to assist USAID implementing partners in Bangladesh to more effectively make use of mobile financial services. 

While mobile financial services (MFS) can provide a host of benefits to USAID implementing partners, as a new and growing industry there are still some shortcomings that you need to be aware of and plan for when partnering with a mobile financial service provider. This tipsheet outlines some of the potential issues you may face when using MFS and provides suggested mitigation approaches to dealing with or avoiding them.

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