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Pathways out of Poverty Case Study: Savings Groups on the Pathway to Graduation: PSNP Plus in Ethiopia

Ben Fowler, Teshale Endalamaw
ACDI/VOCA, Ben Fowler Consulting Inc., CARE Ethiopia
United States Agency for International Development
January 1, 2012

USAID commissioned a series of case studies to examine interventions and approaches to creating pathways out of poverty that either “pushed” the very poor towards productive engagement in markets and/or “pulled” the poor into markets. This case study, written by Ben Fowler Consulting Inc. and CARE Ethiopia, examines how the PSNP Plus project piloted interventions to sustainably graduate households from dependence on cash and food transfers. It addresses key issues such as how to sequence project interventions to achieve graduation and the need for financial products tailored for the very poor.

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