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Market Systems Blog

In this blog series, USAID explores moving beyond a focus on isolated value chai

In this series, we move beyond isolated value chains and consider broader market systems as well as the resultant implications for programming.

Bringing Women’s Empowerment from Research to Reality

Wed, June 10, 2015
Michelle Stern
Senior Technical Director, Technical Learning and Application
How can we take WEAI findings and use them to impact gender equity and women’s empowerment?

Capacity-Building to Grow Women's Leadership in SMEs: The Peru Case

Tue, June 9, 2015
Ximena Querol
Executive Director
Sector 3 Social Venture Group
This post by WLSME Peru's Ximena Querol discusses two different capacity-building interventions and their respective impacts on retention rates.

The Power of Networks for Growing Women's Leadership in SMEs: The India Case

Fri, June 5, 2015
Devaprakash Ramakrishnan
Regional Program Director
CARE India
Read the next WLSME story out of India: Devaprakash Ramakrishnan talks about his project's approach to building women's networks in order to grow small businesses.

Show Me the “Real” Data

Wed, May 27, 2015
Usman Iqtidar
Knowledge Management Specialist
Feed the Future Knowledge-Driven Agricultural Development Project
Does the existing data vindicate donors’ reliance on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as effective vehicles of economic growth? Yes. Is it reliable and valid? Probably not.

The Use of Nonfinancial Services to Help Grow Women's Leadership in SMEs: The Kyrgyzstan Case

Tue, May 26, 2015
Gulmira Asanbaeva
‎Program Manager & Chief of Party for WLSME Kyrgyzstan
Here is our first WLSME story from Kyrgyzstan: Gulmira Asanbaeva explains her project's work delivering nonfinancial services to grow women's small businesses.

Better Understanding, Better Choices, Better Impact

Tue, May 19, 2015
Wade Channell
Economic Growth Specialist for Gender
USAID's Wade Channell introduces our Women's Leadership in Small and Medium Enterprises mini-series in this post. Keep reading!

Can the Poor Have Decent Work?

Thu, May 14, 2015
Bama Athreya
Senior Specialist, Labor and Employment Rights
Bama is back to talk more on why #wageworkmatters and to dig into this big question: Can the poor have decent work?

Wage Labor: An Essential Piece of the Poverty Puzzle

Fri, May 8, 2015
Jake Grover
Senior Policy Analyst, Bureau of Policy, Planning and Learning
In this post, USAID's Jake Glover wants to convince you of the importance of labor for ending extreme poverty. Read on to learn more!

Drawing the Links Between Wage Work and Poverty Reduction: Highlights from a Recent Evidence Review

Tue, April 28, 2015
Anna Garloch
Director, Project Management
Why does wage work matter? ACDI/VOCA's Anna Garloch highlights some of her key takeaways from a recent stocktaking report on wage labor. Join the conversation by commenting or tweeting #wageworkmatters.

Development Digest: Highlights from the Microlinks and Agrilinks Joint Seminar on Ag Insurance, Risk, and Resilience

Fri, April 24, 2015
Dana James
Project Coordinator
On April 23, Microlinks and Agrilinks hosted a joint seminar titled "Realizing Rural Resilience and Inclusive Growth by Reducing Risk: Is Agricultural Insurance the Key?" This post pulls out some of the highlights from the informative discussion.