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Market Systems Development Cases of CLA


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Collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) have long been a part of USAID’s work. USAID staff and implementing partners have always sought ways to better understand the development process and USAID’s contribution to it, to collaborate in order to speed and deepen results, to share the successes and lessons of USAID’s initiatives, and to institute improvements to programs and operations. Through this case competition, USAID and its LEARN mechanism seek to capture and share the stories of those efforts.

The CLA Case Competition was open to all types of individuals and organizations working with USAID. Participants had the opportunity to promote their work and contribute to good practice that advances our understanding of collaborating, learning, and adapting in action. Here are three strong examples of CLA in market systems development:

To read more cases and vote for your favorite, visit USAID Learning Lab >

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